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History Moore: Home

This guide will cover the time period from Reconstruction through the 1970's.

General History

The following links are databases or trustworthy websites. The first link is to DESTINY QUEST (Rumsey Library's online catalog)--use Destiny Quest to see if the library has book sources for your topic.

Keep in Mind

  1. Keep your FOCUS QUESTION in mind as you are researching. The answer to your question becomes your thesis.
  2. As you as you find a good source, CITE IT in your EasyBib SE project.
  3. Carefully do the parts of the research paper PROCESS and you should do well.

FORMAT of a Sample Paper in MLA Format

Source: Microsoft Office Clipart

WHOA!!! Click on the link below and you can see a sample 5-page paper written in MLA Format.

Sample Research Paper in MLA Format from Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online

Why do we use MLA and not Chicago Manual of Style in history classes at Rumsey?

Research Assignment

History VI Research Guidelines



1.      You will have to have your notes completed and submitted to me through easybib.

2.   You will have a due date for your rough draft, to be determined. That draft will have to be handed in to be checked before you begin to write the final draft.

3.   Finally, you will have to hand in a completed final draft. The final draft must be set up using proper MLA Format (includes in-text citations throughout the text and includes a properly formatted Works Cited page at the end). 

4.  The final draft is to be typed, double spaced, size 12 "Courier New" font.


Please be sure to check out the comments I have sent to some of you regarding your notes on EasyBib.

To Do in the Library

Day 1

  • What is EasyBib School Edition?
  • What is a database and what are the benefits of using one?
  • Re-connect with EasyBib School Edition account. Put in coupon code. Email if you don't know the coupon code.
  • Create project; share with; give him permission to view, edit, comment; put project into correct folder.
  • Practice some advanced searching using Explora (an database).

Day 2

  • Find an article in a database.
  • Copy/paste the CITATION into your EB project.
  • Create a note card; connect it to its source/citation; put information into direct quote and paraphrase sections