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Dicke Family Library: Research/Inquiry: Scrible, Models, Tutorials, MLA 9

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Scrible & the Research Process

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Use Scrible when doing research.
Remember to cite your sources as you find them.
Create your in-text citations as you do your research.

Scrible works best with Chrome. If you must use Safari,
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Sample Papers in MLA 8th Edition Format

Click this link to get to a sample paper in MLA format from OWL (Online Writing Lab at Purdue University)

The information below comes from Mrs. DiLorenzo's note cards in NoodleTools (research tool we used to use). This is a rough draft written quickly! The comments along the right side explain to you about style and writing format. In order to complete the assignment, she would need to write the three paragraphs that are missing. She would also need to finish her conclusion!

At the end of your writing, insert a page break. This will allow you to start your Works Cited page on the next full page.