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Dicke Family Library: Global Read Aloud

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Global Read Aloud 2021 Picture Book Author: Duncan Tonatiuh

2019 Yuyi Morales Picture Book Author

(Image from Mackin)
Click below to listen to Yuyi Morales talking about Dreamers

Longer video below (12:20)

A BIOGRAPHY of Yuyi created on Book Creator

Click here to get to Padlet for Dreamers (and all 2019 GRA books)

Click image below to hear Yuyi Morales reading Just A Minute

2018 GENERAL INFORMATION for Picture Book Authors (Smith and Flett)

My Heart Fills with Happiness

Wild Berries

You Hold Me Up

A Day with Yayah

When We Were Alone

GRA '19 The Bridge Home

(Image from Mackin)

Click below to access author Padma Venkatraman's photos that relate to scenes in The Bridge Home displayed by chapters per week.


Click here to get to map of others reading The Bridge Home throughout the world.

The author saw and commented on IIIrd Form Maddox's ebook! So did the creator of GRA--Pernille Ripp! See below:

After watching VIdeo 1 below, be sure to READ THE AUTHOR'S DETAILS underneath the video

SEE where the story takes place:

Practice WRITING characters' names in Tamil:

Author talks about the INSPIRATION for The Bridge Home:

Click here to get to Padma's full blog post for WEEK 2

Padma's Video answering questions from WEEK 2:

Click below to access padlet with lots of questions and comments:


Click below to get to Padma's Week 3 blog post:

In her blog post, Venkatraman provides a link to an article she wrote for Kirkus Reviews. 
Below is the last paragraph from that article. I agree with what she has written:

"Books are more than mere mirrors or windows; they are keys to compassion. And novels don’t just expose readers to differences, they allow readers to experience diversity. They allow us to live within another’s skin, think another’s thoughts, feel the depths of another’s soul. Novels transport, transform, and, most importantly, allow us to transcend prejudice. When we immerse ourselves in characters whose religions are different than our own, our empathy is enhanced. We move closer to embracing people of all religions."

Venkatraman, Padma. “Accept, Don't Just Tolerate.” 
Kirkus Reviews, Kirkus Media, 25 Sept. 2017,

​            just-tolerate/. Accessed 17 Oct. 2019.


Aisha Saeed's Weekly Q & A Videos

Exploration of Gates (ch. 9 - 16)

Author Aisha Saeed responds to our work!

Global Read Aloud Details - Current and Previous Years

Terrific reads; great way to connect with other classes throughout the world and to change up your teaching; images below linked to GRA Blog; more ways to connect with other educators--FaceBook page, Edmodo groups, and more!

Global Read Aloud Choices for 2018

Picture Book Authors/Illustrators

Image from Global Read Aloud's FaceBook page
Note: When We Were Alone cover is missing from this image of picture books.

Early Reader Choice 2018:

Cover image from Amazon

Middle Grade (grade 4 and up) Choices 2018:

Cover images from Amazon
Young Adult Choice 2018:

Cover image from Amazon

Info for 2017:

After reading Whoever You Are, Primes shared a flipgrid video
of our dome with other classrooms as a part of a playgrounds around the world activity:

Info for 2016:

IIIrd Form read Pax